Tau and Tauopathies Workshop at the J. David Gladstone Institutes

CFR Internal Advisory Board Member and Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease (GIND) Director Dr. Lennart Mucke announces the first GIND/DZNE Workshop entitled “Tau and Tauopathies: Pathogenic Mechanisms.” This workshop, co-organized by Dr. Mucke and Dr. Eckhard Mandelkow of the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE; Bonn, Germany) and sponsored in part by The Bluefield Project, will take place March 28-30, 2011 at the J. David Gladstone Institutes.

Mutations in the microtubule-associated protein tau are a leading cause of frontotemporal dementia. Recent studies have challenged long-held beliefs about the role of tau in both normal brain function and in neurodegeneration. “Tau and Tauopathies: Pathogenic Mechanisms” will feature leading investigators from around the world presenting their latest data on tau’s function and pathobiology.

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