FTD and Dr. Bruce Miller Featured on Carry the 1 Radio Podcast

SAN FRANCISCO, CA 8/22/14. Listen to Amanda Mason, a UCSF graduate and medical student, interview Dr. Bruce Miller, Director of UCSF’s Memory and Aging Center, in a new 15 minute podcast entitled “Failing Frontal Lobes” on Carry the 1 Radio: Short Interviews with Scientists. Ms. Mason and Dr. Miller discuss FTD – what it is, how it compares to Alzheimer’s disease, and when potential treatments may be available – as well as how Dr. Miller, a world leader in the study of FTD, first got involved in FTD research and then established UCSF’s Memory and Aging Center.

Ms. Mason, a fourth year graduate student in the lab of Dr. Steven Finkbeiner, a CFR Investigator, is an avid listener to podcasts and especially enjoys how accessible they make learning new things. After discovering Carry the 1 Radio, a show run entirely by young scientists, she decided to develop her own podcast on FTD. “Our UCSF community is quite aware of FTD because of the research being done here, but most people have never heard of it. I wanted to increase awareness of FTD and expose others to this incredibly important work,” said Ms. Mason.
After graduate school, Ms. Mason will continue her training as a medical student, with a focus on neurology and geriatrics. She recommends the 30 minute “Producer’s Cut” for those interested in learning more details, particularly about the genetic causes of FTD.
(To listen to Ms. Mason's "Failing Frontal Lobes" podcast, click here.)